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Legends Of Equestria Hype!

i know the Lightning-Bliss will be makes a few videos.

and Out-Buck-Pony will be playing the game as jazz notes i'm sure of it!

anyway's see you in Legends Of Equestria!
Goldenfox's Birthday!
for GoldenFoxDA 

i'm giveing golden fox a cake for his birthday! wait where is keyframe?

ocs belong to GoldenFoxDA and CosmicChrissy 

and pinkbug belongs to me
The New Nick!
nick belongs to me NightmaresfmYT and AngryAnimations 

hehehe! i hope you like him. also i made his mane pink cuz i think its cute!
i got tagged by Out-Buck-Pony so i'll do this

(1) pinkbug's only friends were pinkie pie,fluttershy,bon bon,pumpkin cake,and fleet foot but she has met other ponies to be her friends

(2) pinkbug was a unicorn before becomeing a alicorn it was when she was 10(she is 13 right now)she was bit by a timberwolf and she turned into a timberwolf the size of a filly and then when she got home she turned back into a filly but had wings on her back

(3) she is able to talk to timberwolfs and has 10 of them as pets

(4) she has changeling powers so sometimes when shes around stranger ponies she becomes is a unicorn pony to hide her self but when around her friends shes just herself

(5) she has 5 not reformed changelings as pets she does not know what to think of them sometimes

(6) she has a love for shiping and gets in trouble sometimes when doing it

(7) she is a pranker and loves to turn ponies into mare unicorns

(8) she has a anon ring and a anon ray gun just for anon spells!

oh god who do i tag!!!

i tag

strawberry twinkle Strawberry-T-Pony 

smarty umbreonthewhovian 

Astrid FuntimesfmYT 

Yvonne NightmaresfmYT 

sonic dash(i'm sorry if you dont want to do this) SonicDash2 

angry AngryAnimations 

DarkHerobrine99 Sparcake DarkHerobrine99 

lightning bliss(i had no idea who to pick lol) Lightning-Bliss 


United States


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