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Happy birthday strawberry :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 2 2 Strawberry's Birthday Part 7 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 2 10 Strawberry's Birthday Part 6 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 6 Crystal Sun(unicorn) :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 7 Strawberry's Birthday Part 5 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 2 Strawberry's Birthday Part 4 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 6 Purplebug Part 1 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 9 Strawberry's Birth Day Part 3 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 2 Brony Dad :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 0 Awsome Pegasister Mom :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 5 Greenbug :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 0 Pinkbug new :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 3 The Evil Inside Me :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 3 Strawberry's Birth Day Part 2 :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 17 I Miss My Sister :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 1 3 Rainbow Blitz :iconpinkbug10:pinkbug10 0 2


|/flower\| :iconivyoverdose:Ivyoverdose 4 9 Starburst Family :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 5 2 Fusion of Cutie Mark Crusaders :iconosipush:Osipush 301 73 Fusion of Solar Flare and Nightmare Moon :iconosipush:Osipush 205 44 Fusion of the Mane 6 :iconosipush:Osipush 326 58 Fusion of Sunset Satan and Midnight Sparkle :iconosipush:Osipush 313 35 Fusion of Lyra and Bon Bon :iconosipush:Osipush 265 28 Fusion of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia :iconosipush:Osipush 284 18 Fusion of Equestrian Princesses :iconosipush:Osipush 568 70 Fusion of the Dazzlings :iconosipush:Osipush 261 41 For PinkBug :iconivyoverdose:Ivyoverdose 4 9 Balloon Pop surprises Book Worm :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 5 8 We won't back down! :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 6 4 Sparity Family :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 53 8 Flashlight Family :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 45 12 CaramelJack Family :iconstrawberry-t-pony:Strawberry-T-Pony 51 10



Happy birthday strawberry
for Strawberry-T-Pony 

so fluttershy got her a puppy. applejack got her a cowgirl hat. and twilight got her a book.
Strawberry's Birthday Part 7
for Strawberry-T-Pony 

we did win but that would take alot of stuff too put so me and Danielle are scared of the shadow alicorn. pink and strawberry are attacking

Edit: fixed the magic color of strawberry
Strawberry's Birthday Part 6
for Strawberry-T-Pony 

so the shadow alicorn has made my fave pony's into shadow pony's dont worry me and strawberry got this


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IntuitiveInks Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
If you want to improve and make art that is actually good, I suggest you hand draw stuff and stay away for recolouring and using bases. It's not creative to just recolour a character from the show and call it "yours". This is just a critique. If you'd like more help, I'd be glad to help.